Reflection: Between the Bars Open Mic

Between the Bars Open Mic
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
dba256 Wine Bar Lounge
256 S. Main Street, Pomona, CA

Want to be at the start of something great?

We were fortunate enough to be invited by David A. Romero, the man, the legend, himself, to be one of the first features of his brand new open mic venue in Pomona called, “Between the Bars Open Mic.” This was its first show ever! Right across from the second largest open mic venue in LA, “A Mic and Dimlights,” there is no doubt in our minds that Between the Bars has the potential to further proliferate the desire for self-expression and construct an open space that will only increase the arts community.

It was a joy to see some familiar faces we have not seen in such a long time. Friends like, O.Smith, Matt Sedillo, and Karla Moxley, were in the house as features. We met all three during the days of Speak Easy Open Mic about a year ago. We have all grown since then so it’s dope to see that progress. Kasi was also in the house who is one of the most consistent spoken word artists we know with a new haircut and everything. We also made new friends, such as Jon Gill aka Gilead7 of Advent, and we were in awe by the other features and open mic-ers that held it down for the evening: Judah1, Ghettospeare, and Mic Hempstead.

For our set, this was a hallmark for us. Why, you may wonder? I drove Steph, Susan, and new friend, Jennifer, and we were running late due to some wrong turns by me. When we arrived, it was 20 minutes into the show. We met up with Mark and were about go outside to rehearse, but suddenly, David was already on stage introducing us. We took it in stride and walked up together to the mics. After some whispering, we went in and had a memorable experience.

Artists must be on their craft rain or shine, 24/7. This challenge was met and overcome and will go down in the forWord history books. Let this be a fair warning to all artists, always be prepared because you never know when your name will be called. Go in, get it!

Thank you, David A. Romero and dba256 Wine Bar Lounge! Don’t know where to go on a Wednesday night in Pomona? You can meet great folks and have a fun time between the bars!

Eddy M. Gana Jr.

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forWord Feature: Between the Bars Open Mic

Wednesday, April 11th
8:30 - 11:00 PM
256 South Main Street Pomona, CA 91766

Celebrate the launch of a new regular open mic at the dba256 Gallery Wine Bar in Downtown Pomona.

Between the Bars Open Mic, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

Matt Sedillo
Kasi Teyana
Karla Moxley
Mic Hempstead
and… forWord

Come at 8:30 for limited open mic

Admission: FREE
(Please buy food and/or drink at bar - no minimum)

“Drink up baby. Look at the stars. I’ll kiss you again, between the bars,” Elliot Smith.

Find what you’re looking for Between the Bars. Poetry, passion and art. Where performers share their songs, words, verses and rhymes. Adding to the proud tradition of open mics in Pomona. Our expression is our weapon. Between the Bars, we’re all condemned to be free.

Hosted by David A. Romero
Artist, activist and male model. Romero is the author of Diamond Bars: The Street Version and Fuzhou two collections of poems released by Dimlights Publishing. His work has been praised by writers and poets such as the Tony Award winner Poetri, the author of Up the Street Around the Corner Besskepp, and the West Coast Editor of Rock & Rap Confidential Lee Ballinger. Romero has opened for Latin Grammy winning artists Ozomatli and Latin Grammy nominated artists La Santa Cecilia. He has featured alongside Taalam Acey as well as with a number of HBO Def Poets, including Beau Sia, Paul Mabon and Thea Monyee. Romero hosted Diamond Bars Open Mic in Diamond Bar and was also the host of Flowers of Fire Open Mic at Corazon del Pueblo in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Romero is the President of David A. Romero Productions, a licensed 81 - Personal Services business through the city of Diamond Bar. He teaches writing and performance workshops on spoken word poetry. Romero is an artist affiliate of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) and a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade (RPB). “I enjoy performing funny poems, but I hope that after the laughs, people can stay and listen to the messages that I am spreading with my poetry against racism, against prejudice, against imperialism, against labor exploitation and against economic injustice. I believe in a world free from hunger or any other kind of scarcity.” Romero is a graduate of the University of Southern California, a double major in Film and Philosophy. Check out his blog, “The Mexi-Asian Perspective: A Mexican’s Guide to All Things Latin, Asian, or Both,” on Visit his website, for more.

Don’t forget to come with a designated driver!

TOMORROW, we will be featuring in Pomona with a bunch of our favorites! We got an explosive community brewing here!

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Reflection: David A. Romero Presents Red Night

Last Sunday, August 14th, forWord was one of the features at David A. Romero Presents Red Night at the dba256 Wine Gallery and Bar in Pomona, CA. Our set was 30 minutes which is the longest set we have ever had. It was a challenge and as Mark would say, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

We shared the stage with some dope folks that night, such as Andrew Figueroa Chiang, Mike Isberto, Becky Holt, Ancient Universal, Jumakae, Matt Sedillo, Trio Makoto, and Mr. David A. Romero himself.

If you are familiar with the spoken word scene in Southern California, you most likely would have heard about a Mic and Dim Lights, the second largest poetry open mic venue in the LA area next to Da Poetry Lounge. The reason why I mention a Mic and Dim Lights is because it is literally right across the street from the dba256 Wine Gallery and Bar. If I lived in Pomona, I would definitely frolic in this part of town all the time and you should too if you are in the area. So now that you probably have a better idea of where this event took place, let the pictures roll!

Overall, it was a fun night where each person was able to represent who they really are and what they stand for as an artist. No one was rushed and you could feel the energy from everyone sharing the space. I really enjoyed the intimate setting with the art pieces in the background and dimmed lights which set the mood for a wonderful evening of music and poetry.

Thank you to David A. Romero for organizing Red Night! Big ups to the dba256 Wine Gallery and Bar for providing the space!

This was Red Night. So get ready for Blue Night at the same time, same place this Sunday! Support this series!

- Eddy M. Gana Jr.

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forWord’s Feature at Red Night TONIGHT

You have to be age 21 and over.

But other than that, it is a FREE show of spoken word and music. Come by!

This is our first performance since the 2011 APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit, Twin Cities. We are still on that natural high from all the beautiful people we’ve met and shared the stage with last weekend, so get ready for an energetic show TONIGHT in Pomona, CA!

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