Reflection: Kappa Psi Epsilon’s Roots II Reality at CSU LB

On March 15, 2012, Roots II Reality was the first time forWord had ever performed at a college university that was not our alma mater UC Irvine. The lovely ladies of Kappa Psi Epsilon invited us to perform at CSU Long Beach: The Battle of the Beach was no more.

It was quite a journey to get to Long Beach. I left from UCLA by my lonesome. Steph and Susan drove together from El Monte. Mark came from Fullerton. We met up at the Safeway parking lot so we could take one car on campus. Save money for parking!

The event was held outside. There was an array of performers from emcees to musicians to poets. It was a chilly night, but the mic was burning from all the fueling passion spilled on stage. Our friends, Janice and Jay, were there sharing their poetry and holding it down for KmB. We performed late at night so thanks to all those who stayed to support the later performances. Our first time performing at a college university and what a good time it was.

Roots II Reality was beautifully organized and it was not surprise that this was the second show of its kind. We can’t wait for its next show by Kappa Psi Epsilon of CSU Long Beach!

Here’s some pictures of us in the parking lot because we forgot to take pictures during the event. Shame on us, but at least we got this!

- Eddy M. Gana Jr.

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