forWord Feature: Don’t Censor My SP!T!

Tuesday, March 6th
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
At the Los Angeles Theatre Center
514 South Spring Street
, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Urban Theatre Movement’s increasingly popular Spoken Word Series: SP!T, is back and ready for the 2012 season!

Our voices won’t be Silenced!

A.L.Pharaoh - SP!T Slam Team
Aileen Alfaro
Antonio “Paz One” Appling Feat. Noize - The Definitive Soap Box Open Mic
Ashley Catharine - Brass Knuckles LA Slam Team
Brian “SuperB” Oliva - IE National Slam Team
Candace Nicholas-Lippman - Spoken Word Ministries
Caroline Chang - Uncultivated Rabbits
Chris D’Annunzio
Daryl Anthony Harper
Eddie “Edgar Allen Swole” Rojas
Eddy M. Gana Jr - forWord
Essence Brown - SP!T Slam Team
Marissa Pitts
Mark Rolston
Samantha Parks - SP!T Slam Team
Stephanie Sajor - forWord

Invite your friends! foes! family!

Directed By Alex Alpharaoh and Amery Ken Thao
Stage Managed By Caitlin Miller

Seats are $10 at the door
for more info hit us up

Two members of forWord, Stephanie Sajor and Eddy M. Gana Jr. made it past auditions and will be in the Urban Theatre Movement’s next production! Stephanie and Eddy were former cast members in SP!T 2 with Mark Maza and subsequently SP!T 3 with Mark and Susan Diep representing in full force as forWord. Feels good to be home so please come through and support for the third time around the block!

This show is for everyone who values the freedom to express!

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