Open Mics

UPDATE: We are back on a performance hiatus as a collective until an undetermined date. However, we are still active in the scene in other ways. Mark helps organize The Definitive Soapbox (TDSB) every last Friday of the month at The Mirage Cafe in Long Beach. Stephanie and Eddy are co-founders/organizers of Sunday Jump every 1st and 3rd Sunday at Kapistahan in Historic Filipinotown. We encourage self-expression over everything so please come support your poetry open mic spaces!



Next Sunday on May 19th as part of our Lineage Edition series, we will be honoring Carlos Bulosan, Filipino-American novelist and poet! Please bring your favorite poems by him to share so we can together celebrate his legacy.

“The old world is dying, but a new world is being born. It generates inspiration from the chaos that beats upon us all. The false grandeur and security, the unfulfilled promises and illusory power, the number of the dead and those about to die, will charge the forces of our courage and determination. The old world will die so that the new world will be born with less sacrifice and agony on the living…” - Carlos Bulosan

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forWord Special Performance for One Night!

Happy National Poetry and Writing Month!

Seemingly out of thin air, forWord will be breaking out of our performance hiatus and will be back on the mic as one of the night’s special performances at the 7th Annual Mr. Hyphen on Saturday, April 27th in San Francisco! Come watch the final four talented and charismatic API men perform and compete for the crown and a $1000 cash prize to benefit the non-profit they represent.

Steph, Mark, and Eddy will be driving up from LA/OC while Susan already bought her ticket and will be taking flight from Seattle, so this is going to really happen! (We barely can believe it ourselves, but it’s true.) So excited to come back and support a great cause for our API community!

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"Older Sister, Younger Brother" by Stephanie Sajor

This is a spoken word performance by Stephanie Sajor at the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience in Anaheim, CA. This is a fictitious account of a sister and brother which reflects on the nature of war and its power to both destroy and create.

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***Practice What You Preach!***

Eddy M. Gana Jr.
“Everybody Wants to Be an Activist”

I just found his channel through his tumblr =)

I guess I’m not going to sleep anymore!

Thanks for giving a listen to my poem. Analyze, organize, mobilize!


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"Untitled" by Mark Maza (Recorded Studio Performance)

This poem is from “forWord: Hear What We’re Saying,” which is part of a composed list of original spoken word poems recorded in the studio.

This is the first time we released a track off from our recordings. We only previously had this available at our live performances. More to come!

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